Seasonal Tip

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy time with your pet at the lake. However, some caution is needed! During these hot days it is always important to make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water and shade to avoid the possibility of a heat stroke.  There are other dangers to consider…

Caution around the lake:

  • Swimming – not all dogs can swim, and some breeds, such as those that are barrel-chested like bulldogs, have a harder time than others. Fatigue and anxiety while swimming can cause dogs to panic and what started out as a fun swim can turn into an emergency situation.
  • Boating – We love boating in the summer, and many of us take our pups out on these outings! Just as it is important to have the proper life vests/jackets for our family and friends on board, so to is it equally important to have properly fitted life vests/jackets for our dogs!
  • Fishing tackle – be wary of your dog around fishing equipment…a hook in the mouth (or anywhere) is painful.
  • Snakebites – Snakes are plentiful around the lake and while many are harmless, some do carry venom, and a bite can be serious. Keep an eye on your pet and call us immediately if a snakebite should occur.
  • Debris-unfortunately our shores have a tendency to accumulate trash, dead fish, etc. and for whatever reason, our dogs feel the need to “explore” the rubbish. Try to keep your pup away from what has wash up as it could have harmful items such as glass, spoiled foods, metal, fishing tackle and much more.

For any questions or concerns you may have, please contact us! We’re always happy to help.