Seasonal Tips for Winter

Winter is here, and with it comes colder weather that can chill even our thick-coated pets! With falling temperatures come other dangers, too, so take our advice, and follow these winter pet safety tips!

Winter Pet Safety Tips

  • Winter walks – the cold doesn’t give you or your pet an excuse to skip walks! Although it may be good to shorten them a bit on colder days. Make sure your pet is well-equipped for the cold. Short-haired breeds especially may need a jacket or sweater to keep from getting chilled.
  • Hypothermia – be aware of the signs of hypothermia so you can act on them quickly. Common symptoms include shivers, slowed movements or stopping altogether, weakness, anxiety, and attempts to burrow for warmth. Bring them inside straight away if you notice any of these!
  • Rock salt – salted sidewalks and roads are safer for their lack of ice, but the salt itself can be a danger to pets. Keep your pet from licking any of the salt as it can cause salt toxicity. Also, be sure to wipe down your pet’s paws, legs, and belly in case any salt got lodged between toes or no fur.
  • Antifreeze – antifreeze is a useful solution for our cars, but it is toxic to pets. The sweet liquid is very appealing to them, so clean up any spills promptly and thoroughly, and secure the container out of their reach.
  • Rodent poisons – just as you and your pet seek refuge from the elements in your home, so do other little furry creatures! Mice and other rodents may venture into your home for warmth, but getting rid of them with rodenticides is dangerous for your pet! Keep all poisons away from your pet, and make sure you use child-proof and pet-proof bait stations and those that are durable. Or, use pet-safe alternatives.
  • Keep up with the weather – prepare to bring your pets in when the temperatures drop. Remember, if you are cold outside, your pets are too! The days/nights when your pets are outside, make sure that they have bedding to stay warm in their dog/cat houses.

If you have any questions about our winter pet safety tips, contact us today at (205) 884-4104.