Large Animal Vet in Cropwell

For Pell City/Cropwell and surrounding areas, we offer complete large animal vet medical and surgical services. For farm calls, we have a fully equipped ambulatory truck for cattle, sheep and goats. Our service area includes St. Clair County including Pell City, Ashville, Odenville, Branchville, Moody and Leeds, Talladega County including Lincoln, Talladega and Alpine, Vincent and Harpersville in Shelby County and the Ohatchee area in Calhoun County. Oftentimes, we can provide more economical and better treatment for sheep and goats at the animal hospital. If you do not have working facilities or if distance is a problem, we can arrange for cattle to be seen at Dr. McMillan’s farm.

Large Animal Vet in Cropwell, AL

Equine Vet Care

Complete Large Animal Veterinary Services

Some of the large animal vet services we provide include:

  • Preventive care including vaccinations, parasite control and biosecurity
  • Reproductive services including breeding soundness evaluations, estrus synchronization and pregnancy diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sick animals
  • Surgery including C-sections and other emergency surgeries
  • Farm management consultation including nutritional recommendations, pasture and hay management, working facility design or improvements

Contact us with any questions. We use the latest veterinary equipment and techniques to keep farm animals healthy.

Equine Vet Care

Through our association with our sister practice, Coosa Valley Equine Center, we can provide your horses with the highest quality care available. Coosa Valley Equine Center is a modern, fully equipped medical and surgical facility located in Pell City. They are a dedicated equine center providing outpatient, hospitalization and ambulatory service for horses only. For more information, contact them at (205) 338-1111.