Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Cropwell

Bad breath might be a warning sign of an infection in your pet’s mouth. Just as with people, good oral health is very important to your pet’s overall health. We offer a complete program in preventive dental care including dental diets, dental treats as well as everything you need to begin brushing your pet’s teeth. We also offer professional dog and cat teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extraction and oral pet surgery.

Proper teeth cleaning in dogs and cats requires anesthesia. As with all anesthetic procedures, safety is our primary concern. We use the safest, most modern anesthetic agents and all pets are continuously monitored both by an electronic monitor as well as one of our highly trained staff. Additionally, every pet has an IV catheter and fluids are administered during the procedure.

Dog Teeth Cleaning in Cropwell, AL

Some people have advocated “anesthesia-free cleanings”, but the consensus of all the experts in the veterinary community feel this technique can actually do more damage to the teeth and increases the potential of other injuries from the very sharp instruments used.

Our dog and cat teeth cleanings include complete dental care:

  • Scaling
  • Polishing
  • Complete cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Extractions, if necessary

If a dental cleaning determines that your pet needs more advanced dental care, we can provide recommendations and referrals to dental specialists.

At Home Pet Dental Care

The best way to ensure that your pet maintains a healthy mouth is to provide at home pet dental care on a regular basis. If you have questions about how to provide the best home dental care for your pet, please ask us for recommendations and we can help!