Events and Community Involvement in Cropwell

Eden Elementary – March 12, 2020

What better way to help little ones understand about Pet Care than a visit from someone who has chosen a career as  a Licensed Veterinary Technician AND Groomer?  When Eden Elementary called Pell City Animal Hospital and asked if Jayme would visit with these K-4 students, she readily agreed!!  Dressed in their PCAH t-shirts, Jayme, Lyla, and Squishy headed to school to talk about Pet Safety including how to approach a dog or cat you are not familiar with, where to pet that dog or cat, and signs that an animal might not be receptive to human interaction.  Jayme brought along her stethoscope and Lyla was the perfect patient to let each student listen to the thump-thump of her heart!  Oh the smiles we saw!!  We left the 30+ students with coloring pages that they could make into an animal mobile!  THANKS for a great visit Eden Elementary!

Williams Intermediate – March 11, 2020

Pell City Animal Hospital was delighted to be invited to participate in the Career Day at Williams Intermediate!  Jayme and Sarah Beth, along with Lyla and Squishy, enjoyed speaking to 330 6th grade students throughout the morning.  Jayme, one of the 4 Licensed Veterinary Technicians and our Groomer at PCAH, and Sarah Beth, one of our 3 fabulous receptionists, educated the students on the different job opportunities in the veterinary field both in and out of a veterinary hospital.  A power point put together by these 2 young ladies enabled the students to see the many different services offered at Pell City Animal Hospital…surgeries, boarding facilities, teeth cleanings, grooming, x-rays, large animal services and more!  Squishy and Lyla enjoyed the petting and attention they were given from so many hands!  The time with each class was wrapped up with a few trivia questions with prizes awarded to the student who answered correctly!  It was an awesome day for all!!  THANK YOU Williams Intermediate!!

St. Clair County Head Start – February 28, 2020

An invitation to serve our community? Why of course we would LOVE to…THANK YOU St. Clair County Head Start for inviting Pell City Animal Hospital to talk to your classes about Pet Safety.

Jayme, with her “stuffed” friends in tow, enjoyed spending time with the boys and girls as they shared stories about their own pets. Jayme is one of 4 Licensed Veterinary Technicians at PCAH and is also our groomer, so she has had lots of experience with dogs and cats in many situations.  She explained to the children how they could tell if a dog or cat was receptive to being petted based on their behavior and physical nature. With her stuffed dog and cat to demonstrate possible responses of animals to strangers, the children were able to better understand the mannerisms of a friendly or aggressive dog or a sweet or scared kitty.

The children also enjoyed making Paw Prints with colored ink markers with Jayme and Priscilla and looked forward to coloring puppy and kitten pages with their own individual boxes of crayons provided by PCAH.

Another day spreading the message about pet safety and ownership responsibility…start them young! Thank you St. Clair County Head Start!

Christmas Photos With Your Pets – December 8, 2019

Back by popular demand, we hosted Christmas Photos With Your Pets and had a full slate of appointments in record time!  In exchange for several FANTASTIC photos (taken by Jayme of Harp Photography) of their dogs (we didn’t have any felines this year), pet owners were given the opportunity to make a donation to one of 4 local organizations who each contribute to and promote animal welfare.  These fabulous organizations are:  ASPCI, Pell City Animal Control Center, Rhonda’s Fur Baby Rescue and Sandi Paws Rescue…a special thanks to each of you for what you do!

Pell City Animal Control Center
Pell City Animal Control Center
Rhonda's Fur Baby Rescue
Rhonda's Fur Baby Rescue
Sandi Paws Rescue

Pell City High School – November 1, 2019

Did someone say community visit? Grab our Pell City Animal Hospital t-shirts “mom”, and let’s go! Lyla and Squishy are ALWAYS willing to suit up and head out in the community to share their precious personalities with young children and our sweet senior citizens!

On this day both pups, Jayme and Katie S., along with Caboose, Jayme’s newest baby, were invited to visit with the Animal Science class at Pell City High School. The students were studying dog breeds, employment opportunities that involve working with dogs, and important roles that dogs play in the working world. Jayme and Katie discussed these topics, answered questions about their employment at Pell City Animal Hospital and played a little Animal Trivia with the students, passing out Chick-fil-A gift cards to the winners!

THANK YOU PCHS for allowing us to visit your campus again!


Career Day at Lincoln Elementary School – September 27, 2019

Taking advantage of the invitation to be a part of Career Day at LES, Jayme, our groomer and LVT, Lyla, Squishy AND Katie, Kennel Technician/Veterinary Technician Assistant at PCAH, packed up and headed to Lincoln! While our staff talked to over 400 3rd – 5th grade students about the different job opportunities at a veterinary clinic, Lyla and Squishy mingled among the students, enjoying every bit of attention received! Jayme and Katie came loaded with Pet Trivia questions and prizes for those who answered correctly. Students were also shown several x-rays of different PCAH patients who suffered from broken bones or other health problems.

Thank you LES for giving Jayme and Katie from Pell City Animal Hospital the opportunity to share their morning with your amazing students!


Visit to Eden Elementary School – September 19, 2019

Sporting their Pell City Animal Hospital t-shirts, Lyla and Squishy joined their “mom”, Jayme, and headed to visit the kindergarten class at Eden Elementary! These precious children are learning about the alphabet and colors so Jayme took advantage of the opportunity to read “Underwater Doggies Color” and “W is for Woof – A Dog Alphabet”. The children loved the stores, but Lyla and Squishy were the “H” is for HIT! I don’t know who was happier…the children petting on the pups or the pups enjoying the attention from the little hands that love to pet them! After distributing goodie bags including a veterinary hospital coloring book and crayons, a paw print pencil, dog and cat coloring sheets and Animal Crackers for their snack, to Asher’s class (Ms Jayme’s youngest), our visit was over. Until we come again, THANK YOU Eden Elementary!


Visit to the Colonel Robert L. Howard Veterans Home – August 22, 2019

It was a wonderful Thursday morning as Jayme, Lyla, Squishy and Priscilla headed to the VA home right here in Pell City. It was BINGO day for the residents, and we enjoyed watching the anticipation of those participating calling out BINGO and choosing their prizes! Squishy and Lyla visited with those who have served for us as Jayme and Priscilla helped the residents mark their boards as they competed to be the first to shout BINGO! In between games, these wonderful men and women LOVED sharing a little love with Lyla and Squishy! We LOVED sharing our morning with these outstanding people! We will definitely be back for another visit SOON!


Visit to Ms. Sha’s Licensed Daycare – July 11, 2019  

Jayme, Lyla and Squishy were out and about in the community again, this time dropping in on Ms. Sha’s Daycare! The little ones LOVED petting Lyla and Squishy and I believe both pups would have set up camp all day with the children if given the opportunity! Jayme shared two books about dogs and colors and the alphabet while the children loved on both pups and swapped sloppy kisses with Squishy! We also got to hear about the pets that this group had at home!! What a wonderful way to spend your Thursday morning! We left puppy and kitten coloring pages and Scooby Doo snacks for their afternoon activity! Thanks Ms. Sha for sharing some time with us!

Visit to the Village at Cooks Springs – May 22, 2019  

We LOVE to be involved in our community and appreciate the invitation to visit the Village at Cook Springs.  “JK”, our blood donor dog, made his 1st community visit and was hooked as soon as the scratching behind the ears and loving on him began!  Katie, Priscilla and Cynthia enjoyed seeing the expressions on the faces of the residents as JK entered their rooms!  Many residents shared stories of their past pets and were so appreciative for the opportunity to spend some time with our friendly pup.  What a blessing this visit was to us and to the residents and staff at the Village!

Judy’s Retirement after 34 Years – May 1, 2019

On May 1st, we celebrated the past 34 years of service, guidance and love given to us by Judy Maske.  A receptionist for many years, Judy always greeted our clients and their pets by name.  More recently she moved on to join the office staff, making sure that her tasks were done thoroughly and correctly.  Experience in the working world for 34 years is something that cannot be easily or quickly taught or purchased.  We miss her dearly but are excited as she begins the enjoyment of retirement.  We hope you have many afternoons of productive gardening.  Thank you for the many seeds that you planted for us at PCAH…we will enjoy their blooms for many years to come!  At PCAH we have 5 employees who have been with us for 30 years++… Dr. McMillan, Dr. Farmer, DJ, Robin and Judy! Thanks to all for helping make PCAH what it is today!

Pell City High School Visit – April 18, 2019

Today’s visit took us to the Animal Science class at Pell City High School. Around 25 students greeted Jayme, Lyla and Squishy and there was lots of petting and lovin’ available for both pups! Jayme talked to the group about the job opportunities available at a veterinary hospital. She explained her responsibilities as a Licensed Veterinary Technician and, since Jayme is now our groomer at PCAH, she was able to discuss yet another avenue of employment for animal lovers to consider. The topics of pet ownership responsibility, pet safety, how to approach animals, and what to do if you were aware of an animal in an abusive situation were also covered. Special thanks to Mrs. Seigler and her class for welcoming our PCAH crew!!

Williams Intermediate School Visit –  March 20, 2019

Another Career Day, this time at Williams Intermediate School and Jayme and PCAH’s Office Mgr., Cynthia, packed up their goods and joined in for the morning!  Jayme shared the responsibilities of her job, a Licensed Veterinary Technician at PCAH, with around 300 5th graders and informed them of other job opportunities at a veterinary hospital.  Cynthia explained that if you are VERY organized and like to motivate people to do their best at work, a managerial position might be good for you!  Students were allowed to get a close-up look at a heart with heartworms, a wolf worm that was removed from a kitten, and lures, fish hooks and an arrow that were removed from PCAH patients.  As usually happens, Lyla and Squishy, always dressed for their visits in their own PCAH t-shirts,  “stole the show”!  They are just the best when it comes to allowing the students to pet and love on them!!!  After all of that lovin’, both pups went home and took a much-deserved nap!  THANKS Williams Intermediate!!

Eden Elementary School Visit – March 12, 2019

Jayme visited Eden Elementary School as part of their Pet Study.  She, along with Squishy and Lyla, read a precious book to the students and talked to them about safety around pets and the proper way to approach a dog.  She is helping the young learn early how to care for, treat and respect animals…one classroom at a time. THANK YOU Eden Elementary!!

Lincoln Elementary School Visit – March 8, 2019

Jayme, LVT at Pell City Animal Hospital, and Priscilla, Office Staff at PCAH, along with Squishy and Lyla were honored to be a part of Career Day at Lincoln Elementary School!  Jayme educated the 325 students on job opportunities in a veterinary hospital and let them get a hands-on look at a heart infected with heartworms  and a wolf worm that was removed from a kitten.  They were able to see hooks and fishing lures and an arrow that had been removed from patients at PCAH AND do lots of loving on Squishy and Lyla!!  THANK YOU LES for letting us visit your fabulous school!!!

Visit to Village East Assisted Living – February 28, 2019

Jayme, LVT at Pell City Animal Hospital, along with two of her people-loving pups, Squishy and Lyla, enjoyed visiting with residents at Village East. Squishy and Lyla could not get enough petting from these sweet folks! Squishy immediately took to one sweet lady and was content to sit under her walker for as long as that head stroking continued! After visiting in the community area and participating in a fun game of “Dog Trivia”, visits were also made to the private rooms of several residents. As you can see, both pups as well as Jayme were represented PCAH well in their PAWingly adorable t-shirts!!

Dental Awareness Month – February, 2019

February was Dental Awareness Month at Pell City Animal Hospital. 38 dogs and cats are enjoying a healthier mouth and fresher breath after receiving their teeth cleaning last month! It was a PEARLY WHITE month at PCAH!

All pet owners who had their dog or cat’s teeth cleaned were entered into a drawing to win a pair of 32 oz. YETI tumblers! The lucky winners, Eric & Teresa Brasher, are shown with Dr. McMillan in front of our PEARLY WHITE PETS GALLERY showing amazing before/after pictures of each of our February dental patients.

Hut-A-Pup- began January 28, 2019

Pell City Animal Hospital is proud to be partnering with the St. Clair Farmers Co-Op and generous sponsors as we provide improved housing for dogs in our area. The support from our community has been fantastic! We hope to complete the proper paperwork to get Hut-A-Pup qualified as a 501(c)3 AND to make Hut-A-Pup a year-round project…not just to protect dogs from the cold, but also from the heat and rain. Hut-A-Pup…providing better housing…1 dog at a time.



Family Christmas Pictures with Your Pets – December 2, 2018

We hope to have started an annual tradition of pet owners coming to PCAH each year to have Christmas pictures made with their dog or cat! This 1st year was a HUGE success!! All proceeds were divided among the following: ASPCI, the Pell City Animal Control Center, Rhonda’s Fur Babies, and Sandi Paws Rescue. THANKS to ALL who supported this wonderful event!! All photos were magically created by our own Jayme Golden Anderson of Harp Photography!


“Lights In the Park” – December 2nd – 31st, 2018

For the 3rd year, Pell City Animal Hospital is proud to be a part of this community event sponsored by the Pell City Parks & Recreation Department! Don’t miss out on seeing this beautiful display of holiday decor set up by local businesses/clubs/organizations. From all of us at Pell City Animal Hospital, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season!



Sandi Paws Rescue Supplies – November 30, 2018

THANK YOU to the many who dropped off supplies for Sandi Paws Rescue! Katie Mc and Katie S. are loading up these much needed and appreciated items to be delivered to Sandi Paws! THANK YOU for your support of this amazing rescue organization!

Visit to 1st Baptist Church – November 27, 2018

Jayme, “Squishy”, “Lyla”, and Dr. Bearden enjoyed a visit to the 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds at 1st Baptist! “Squishy” and “Lyla” stole the show! Both pups LOVED the petting from the many small hands and the sweet hugs! THANK YOU Jayme and Dr. B for sharing your love and knowledge of pets with these little ones!


Supplies for Hurricane Michael Victims – November 11, 2018

The damage done by Hurricane Michael is devastating! Many have contributed time and money and supplies to help those in need. Local farmers and a couple of businesses wanted to lend a hand and did so by donating bales of hay, bags of feed and veterinary supplies. THANK YOU to C & R Feed, Pell City Animal Hospital, Bryan and Tyler Hoagland and the local farmers who donated the hay!


Visit to St. Clair County Head Start – November 8, 2018

Being involved in our community is important to Pell City Animal Hospital, and we take advantage of every opportunity that we get to spread the word about pet care! On November 8th, Jayme, one of our 3 Licensed Veterinary Technicians at Pell City Animal Hospital, enjoyed visiting with 2 classrooms of 3 and 4 year olds at St. Clair County Head Start. To assist her with the visit, Jayme took along our two newest additions at PCAH and the children helped her name these two fur-babies!! Jayme spoke to the eager-to-learn children about how to approach a dog, where to and not to pet a dog or cat, and how to properly care for your pets. The children LOVED petting and hugging “Fishy” (the kitty) and “Bark” (the pup)!


BIG REWARDS with BRAVECTO -November 6, 2018

And the winner is…Angie Minor! Cynthia and Dr. Bearden of PCAH are shown with Angie as she receives the PAWBO Pet Camera!! Each client who took advantage of our BIG REWARDS with BRAVECTO during the month of October was eligible to register for a chance to win. CONGRATULATIONS Angie!!

Ms. Sha’s Licensed Home Daycare-7/19/18

Jayme, her oldest son, Cash, “Lyla” and “Squishy” shared some special time with twelve children at Ms. Sha’s Licensed Home Daycare and thoroughly enjoyed their visit! The children were celebrating their own pets by sharing their favorite pictures of their pets with their classmates. “Squishy” and “Lyla” LOVED the attention they received from lots of little hands!!! Pell City Animal Hospital provided goodie bags for each child that included puppy and kitten coloring sheets, crayons, a Puppy Patrol cup, Animal Crackers and an animal decorated photo mat for their favorite pet photos!

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Jayme with her son and dogs Community Involvement in Cropwell: dog interacting with children
Community Involvement in Cropwell: Dog being pet Community Involvement in Cropwell: Kids rubbing dog's stomach

Victory Christian School Summer Program Visit -7/13/18

“Squishy”, “Lyla”, and another of Katie’s sweet chicks, “Ziggy”, were out in the community last Thursday! 24 children who are part of the Victory Christian School summer program enjoyed a visit with Pell City Animal Hospital staff Jayme and Katie AND their young assistant, Harper! In addition to getting to love on Squishy and Lyla AND pet a chicken, the children engaged in conversations about how to cautiously approach unfamiliar dogs, signs to look for to determine if a pup is friendly or scared and how to pet a dog when you are meeting him for the first time. Packets containing animal care coloring books/crayons, make your own animal mobiles, and a snack were provided by PCAH for each child! Thank you again Jayme, Katie, Harper, Squishy, Lyla and Ziggy!!

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Victory Christian School Summer Program Visit   Community Involvement in Cropwell: Kids petting Jayme's dog

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Katie showing kids her pet   Community Involvement in Cropwell: Harper walking the dog


Boys & Girls Club Visit -6/28/18

Pell City Animal Hospital staff readily accepted an invitation to visit the Boys & Girls Club in Pell City on June 28, 2018!! Jayme, a Licensed Veterinary Technician at PCAH, and Katie, Kennel Technician at PCAH, were joined by their younger assistant, Harper, as they shared “Lyla” (Great Dane), “Squishy” (smaller pup), “Cletus” (mixed breed) and “Sweet Cheeks” (chicken) with around 150 young people. The day campers shared stories about their pets. The PCAH staff educated the eager listeners on what it is like to work at a veterinary clinic, proper pet care and pet safety. We are thankful for opportunities such as this when we can share our love for animals with today’s youth!

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Boys & Girls Club visit   Community Involvement in Cropwell: Katie with her chicken


Welcome, Megan!

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Megan with her dogPell City Animal Hospital welcomes Megan Hataway, a senior at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Megan is serving an 8-week preceptorship with PCAH. Just a little “get to know” information…Megan grew up in the small town of Enterprise, AL and enjoyed riding horses at an early age.  She started barrel racing when she was around 10 years old and continued throughout high school.  Megan has known since a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian, so when she began college she started working at a veterinary clinic close to home.  After moving to Auburn, she met her now fiancé’ who introduced her to the cattle industry.  Her fiancé’s father is a large animal exclusive veterinarian in Alabama and taught her much of what she knows about cattle today.  During her senior year of veterinary school Megan was on the bovine palpation team and competed at Texas A&M where the AU team took 2nd place!  In addition to production animal medicine and the study of theriogenology (animal reproduction), Megan also enjoys surgery, internal medicine cases, and getting to educate owners about the health of their pet.  Outside of the veterinary world she enjoys spending time with her family, her two fur children, Gator and JoJo and duck hunting.  Stop by and meet Megan if you get a chance!!  We think you will agree…the veterinary profession is getting another great addition!

Veterinarian of the Year Awarded
Community Involvement in Cropwell: Dr. McMillan receiving Veterinarian of the YearAn Alabama veterinarian, who has served the profession for more than 30 years, was honored by his colleagues as Veterinarian of the Year for the State of Alabama for 2017.
Dr. Ken McMillan, originally from Union Springs, AL, was visibly humbled as his name was announced at the President’s Luncheon and Awards Banquet on Thursday, June 29. Dr. T.C. Branch, who presented the award, praised Dr. McMillan for his “Unselfish dedication to the association by providing persistent and effective leadership while leading our legislative affairs committee”.
Dr. McMillan received his DVM from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. He moved to the Pell City area in 1983 where he began practicing at Pell City Animal Hospital, becoming a partner in the practice in 1986. With the help of his business partner, Dr. Jim Farmer, the practice has grown to now include 3 full time veterinarians.
In addition to practicing both small and large animal veterinary medicine, Dr. McMillan served as a member of the Alabama Board of Agriculture and Industries from 2003-2010, serves as the Legislative Liaison of the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association from 2011- present, and is a columnist for Progressive Farmer, Ask the Vet, from 2001 – present. He is past President of both the St. Clair County Cattleman’s Association and the Northeast Alabama Veterinary Medical Association. In 1998 Dr. McMillan received the El Toro Award, presented by the Large Animal Clinic, Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine for excellence in food animal medicine.
Dr. McMillan and his wife, Priscilla, have two sons, Gaines, a graduate of Birmingham Southern College and George, a graduate of the University of Alabama. They live on Meadowlake Farm in Lincoln, AL where they enjoy raising registered Polled Hereford cattle as well as 3 dogs and 8 cats.
The Veterinarian of the Year is awarded to a member of the Alabama VMA who displays unselfish dedication to the association for advancement of the profession. The association has over 700 members statewide.


Community Involvement in Cropwell: Presenting a prize to Joe and Sue
April 2018 – Heartworm Testing Month

Out of 150++ entries, (which means that 150++ dogs, THANKS to their AWESOME owners, had the opportunity to be tested for heart worms during the month of April) Joe & Sue West were the lucky winners of a Petzi Treat Cam!! CONGRATULATIONS and happy treating!!


Williams Intermediate School Visit – 3/22/18

Spreading the word about job opportunities associated with animal care is something that we at Pell City Animal Hospital take pride in…so when we were asked to speak to the 5th grade students at Williams Intermediate in Pell City, we were happy to add that community event to our calendar!! Jayme, one of our licensed veterinary technicians, and Megan, 4th year veterinary student at Auburn University and currently serving an 8-week preceptorship at PCAH, AND “Squishy” enjoyed meeting, answering questions and explaining just what technicians and veterinarians do in a days work. Thank you Williams Intermediate for this opportunity to share our love for animals with your 5th grade students!!

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Jayme and Megan with a dog Community Involvement in Cropwell: Harper with her dog Community Involvement in Cropwell: Williams Intermediate School Visit

Dental Health Month – 1/15/18-2/28/18

January 15th – February 28th was Dental Month and 1/2 at Pell City Animal Hospital!!! With each scheduled dental cleaning, the owner could register for a chance to win this pair of 32 oz. adorable YETI tumblers! Due to high demand, the scheduled cleanings ran through March 21st!!! CONGRATULATIONS to our winners, Dave & Laci Daughtery!! Pictured with Mr. and Mrs. Daughtery are two of their pups, Patrick and Charlie, and Jayme, one of our 3 licensed veterinary technicians at PCAH.

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Jayme, Mr. and Mrs. Daughtery and their dogs Community Involvement in Cropwell: Mr. and Mrs. Daughtery's prize, 2 YETI tumblers

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Donated animal food and supplies1st annual 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS – 12/11 – 12/22/2017

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to the fur babies at the Pell City Animal Control Center!!!

Pell City Animal Hospital was excited to host our 1st annual 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS…

Unfortunately, the holidays are a time when the number of animals brought into shelters increases. Many dogs and cats, through no fault of their own, will spend the upcoming holidays in the Pell City Animal Control Center.

We asked the community to join us, DECEMBER 11th – 22nd, as we gathered items to make the holidays of the dogs and cats at PCACC a little merrier! And did they ever deliver!!!  Despite the rush of the Christmas season, you all SO GRACIOUSLY responded!!  Cynthia and I had the pleasure of making the delivery to the center on Dec. 22nd, just in time for Christmas!!! THANK YOU from each dog and cat, puppy and kitten at the center who will enjoy a new soft fleece blanket, a different type of canned food, a chew toy, treats, new bowls/litter boxes, and peanut butter and pumpkin puree for Kong toys. For the staff who care for these animals, we provided paper towels, dish detergent, laundry detergent, cleaners, and more!! And the monetary donations will go to the Friends of the Pell City Animal Control Center for providing a priority item for the center. YOU have added a little something extra to the lives of these babies who will be spending the holidays in the animal control center. Thank you! Merry Christmas and all the best in 2018!!

Lights In the Park – 12/1 – 12/31/2017

Pell City Animal Hospital is excited to again be participating in the Lights In the Park at Lakeside Park in Pell City!!! The Pell City Parks and Recreation staff has outdone themselves this year starting with a BEAUTIFUL entrance to the park !!! The event begins on December 1st, so load up your vehicles and drive through the park to see beautiful scenes of Christmas joy complimentary of many businesses in the area!  Each participating business/club/organization has created a display that will certainly get you in the Christmas spirit!  Don’t let the year slip away without you and yours enjoying a drive through the park! Pell City Animal Hospital is proud to be a part of this community event!! THANKS to all who organized and participated!!!

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Lights in the Park display during the day Community Involvement in Cropwell: Lights in the Park display at night

Avondale Mills Day – 10/28/2017

Despite the cold, damp weather, Pell City Animal Hospital enjoyed being a part of the Avondale Mills Day this past Saturday! While we didn’t have much “cooling” to do due to the COLD weather, we were glad to see each of you who stopped by our tent, some with your pups and others just visiting and picking up treats for your dogs and cats at home. Special thanks to Tasha Oakes and Amelia Sorrels for bringing Chloe and Rusty!! Thanks to Cynthia, Drs. Bearden and McMillan, Priscilla, Sarah, and Tasha from PCAH for braving the rain and cold to support this community event!

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Avondale Mills Day cooling station Community Involvement in Cropwell: Cynthia, Dr. Bearden and Dr. McMillan, Priscilla, Sarah, and Tasha

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Dr. Bearden and Jayme at First Baptist Church Kindergarten

Visit to First Baptist Church Kindergarten – 10/2/2017

Sharing their love for animals and how to properly care for them, Dr. Bearden and Jayme, one of 3 LVTs at Pell City Animal Hospital, enjoyed their visit to the First Baptist Kindergarten, in Pell City,

last Thursday! Around 100 two and three year-olds were able to pet and “doctor on” Lyla and Squishy. Lyla, rescued from an abusive home, and Squishy, a stray that was badly injured in an accident and wandered up to aneighbors home, were both adopted and nursed back to health by Jayme and her 3 animal loving children! In addition to spending time with the pups, each child was presented with a “goodie bag” which included a couple of pet coloring pages, a photo mat (compliments of Tyson Framing in Anniston, AL) complete with cat and dog stickers and paw print stickers for additional decorating!

Ladies, thank you for being a part of Pell City Animal Hospital’s efforts to continue to be involved in our community! We appreciate you sharing your time and knowledge with these children. Special thanks also to FBK, Lyla and Squishy!

Visit to Victory Christian – 9/22/2017Community Involvement in Cropwell: Young girl feeding goat at Victory Christian

Our animal educators from Pell City Animal Hospital were out in the community again this week with a visit to Victory Christian!! Enjoying the opportunity to be held and petted were: Baby Jewel (lamb), Quisha (goat), Highway (rescue kitty), Sweet Cheeks (chicken), and Lyla (Great Dane)
THANK YOU to Jayme, Jodi, Harper, Cash, Josie and Aidan for sharing with others how to care for and love your pets!



Community Involvement in Cropwell: Lynda Higgins Memorial GardenLynda Higgins Memorial Garden –  9/22/2017

On May 2, 2016, Pell City Animal Hospital lost one of our “rocks”…Lynda Higgins. We wanted to do something permanent, for all to enjoy, to express our admiration of and appreciation for what Lynda meant to our clinic. We decided on a Memory Garden, full of color and life. Lynda loved her flowers and took pride in caring for them and loved to share with others her floral gifts from God! We have completed the Lynda Higgins Memorial Garden. In addition to the colorful containers filled with evergreen and blooms, we included a whimsical cat and pup, and completed the area with a garden flag that reads “Enjoy Life!” Lynda’s infectious laugh, her smile that lit up the room, and her desire to help all who had the privilege of knowing her will always be etched in our hearts and minds. We miss her and will never forget her!

“PAWS” 4 Houston – 9/12/2017

Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall they be saved. -Jane Goodall

You understood the devastation and the many animals whose lives were rearranged due to the hurricanes; you cared enough to help and provided food, beds, detergents, shampoos, cat litter, toys, medical products, financial support and LOVE; and many will be saved because YOU helped!

This 3rd load was delivered to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society on Thursday. They were SO appreciative of the support that our community has given!!! Pell City Animal Hospital APPRECIATES YOU for caring enough to help so that precious dogs and cats are saved!! We will collect until October 23rd for one last delivery! Thank you!!

This is a summary of what we were able to collect through the help of our fabulous community…

PAWS for Houston Accumulated Donations

Dry Dog Food:  400+ lbs.

Canned Dog Food:  80 lbs.

Dry Cat Food:  190+ lbs.

Cat Litter:  just under 300 lbs.  (294.5)

Dish Detergents:  9 bottles

Shampoo:  2

Treats:  6 bags

Blankets:  67

Laundry Detergents:  2 HUGE boxes

Bleach:  10 gallons

Gloves:  8 pkgs.

Lysol Wipes:  4

Heartgard:  2 boxes

Toys/Stuffed Animals:  10

Financial Support:  $362.86

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Loading donated food into the car Community Involvement in Cropwell: Donating animal food to Houston hurricane victims Community Involvement in Cropwell: PAWS 4 Houston donations

Visit to Ms. Sha’s Licensed Home Daycare – 7/19/2017Community Involvement in Cropwell: Jayme and her dog

Educating young ones about animals is something that we at Pell City Animal Hospital enjoy doing. Jayme and Jodi, from PCAH, loaded up several of their special pets and dropped by for a visit at Ms. Sha’s Licensed Home Daycare! Enjoying much attention from the little ones were Baby Jewel (lamb being held by Jodi), Lyla (Great Dane shown with Jayme), Sweet Cheeks (chicken), and Natalie (kitty cuddling in the arms of Harper). Special thanks to Jodi, Jayme, and Harper for sharing your time and furry/feathery friends! If you are interested in scheduling a visit from these sweet pets and people, give our clinic a call at 205-884-4104!



Avondale Mills Day:

We were so excited to be the official veterinarian for the 1st Annual Avondale Mills Day. We loved providing the cooling station for all the participants of the puppy parade as well as their owners. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed handing out educational material, snacks and bottled water to the wonderful people that stopped by to say hi.

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Avondale Mills Day cooling station
Community Involvement in Cropwell: Our Avondale Mills Day staff

Educational Support Team Treks:

First Baptist Church Kindergarten Class:

Dr. Bearden and some of our staff members visited with a dog and cat to talk about proper pet care and handed out goodie bags for all the children.

Victory Kids Summer Day Camp:

Our staff members were excited to be invited to talk about the proper care and treatment of animals with the kids. Since the event was outside, we were able to bring along a chicken and a sheep as well as a dog to visit with the kids.

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Victory Kids Summer Day Camp
Community Involvement in Cropwell: Young boy petting dog

Heartworm Awareness Month:

To reward our clients for providing the best preventative care to their pets, all clients that purchased heartworm prevention during Heartworm Awareness Month were entered into a drawing for an IPad Mini. Regina Rogers was our lucky Winner! Congratulations!

Community Involvement in Cropwell: Our Heartworm Awareness Month contest winner, Regina

Lakeside Hospice – Primp Your Pet Parade :

We were excited to be a part of the gathering at Lakeside Park for such a wonderful event. Pell City Animal Hospital provided a cooling station for all the parade participants on this beautiful day. We could meet and greet the residents of our community while handing out treat bags and registering the pet parents for our gift basket give-a-ways. All proceeds from this event helped fund the non-profit organizations in-home pet care assistance program for hospice patients.