Managing Dog Separation Anxiety in Cropwell, AL

When kids and teachers head back to school in the fall, this can have a surprisingly strong effect on their pets, especially dogs. Worry can set in when your dog finds themselves alone and in a much quieter environment than before. While some companion animals can tolerate prolonged familyabsences just fine, others may develop mild to severe separation anxiety, which can produce behaviors ranging from the mildly annoying to the potentially destructive. If your pet is displaying difficult behaviors when you and/or members of your family leave the house, you should contact your veterinarian so we can help you figure Continue Reading

Heat and Swimming Safety Tips for Pets in Cropwell, AL

With summer finally here, it’s important to remember how dangerous the heat and sun can be for your pet. Like us, they can fall victim to heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke if they spend too much time outside on warm days. And while the sun certainly plays a factor, it doesn’t have to be out for the heat and humidity to become too much for your pet to handle. At Pell City Animal Hospital, we believe in keeping pet parents fully informed about the risks of heat and sun exposure for their dogs and cats, because our pets don’t know Continue Reading

Barney’s Journey with Laser Therapy

In early August of this year, a sweet pup, lost and in need of care, showed up at the home of a family in our area. This wonderful family took the pup in with the hopes of uniting him with his owners. Unfortunately, on Friday, August 16th, the pup got hit by a car and needed immediate medical attention. Pell City Animal Hospital told them to bring him in! Sandi Paws Rescue, a wonderful organization that takes in strays, pulls puppies/adult dogs from shelters, provides medical care, sets up foster homes and then finds permanent homes for these fur babies, Continue Reading