Pet Grooming for Dogs and Cats in Cropwell

Animal Crackers is our Bathing and Grooming service located right in the same building. Our talented staff offers professional pet grooming for dogs and cats in a clean, comfortable, stress-free environment. Give your pet a day at the spa!

Call (205) 884-4104 for an appointment. Pets may be dropped off as early as 7:00 AM Monday through Friday. An appointment is required.

Our staff looks forward to helping your pet look his or her very best!

Dog Grooming in Cropwell, AL

Happy pet during dog groomingThe Importance of Routine Dog and Cat Grooming

Routine dog and cat grooming is important for most pets.  Many short-haired dogs may only need bathing.  Some of our clients have weekly appointments for bathing.  For longer haired pets, keeping your pets’ coats brushed out can prevent matting, make your dogs and cats more comfortable and can help prevent skin infections.  Regular nail trims, often every 4-8 weeks, not only makes living with our pets easier on humans, floors, and furniture but can also prevent painful broken nails.  Regular pet grooming can often find skin and ear problems or other medical issues before they become major problems.



Dog and Cat Grooming Services Offered

Many breeds need routine professional dog and cat grooming every 4 – 8 weeks. Jayme, our groomer at Animal Crackers, is ready to care for these needs including:

  • Full baths
  • Nail trims
  • Brush out (combs undercoat to reduce shedding)
  • Full shave downs
  • Dematting
  • Breed-specific haircuts

Please contact us at (205) 884-4104 to learn more about our dog and cat grooming services and what we can do to help you and your pet. We’ll have them looking and feeling their best in no time!