Additional Veterinary Services
in Cropwell

Cat and Dog Microchipping

Cat and dog microchipping is very important for our pets. ID tags and collars are great ways of providing a quick and easy identification method, but they are only good as long as your pet continues to wear them. Pets that have been lost, stolen, or rehomed will never again have a connection to you once their ID has been removed, but microchipping creates a permanent form of identification that leaves them connected to you always. Remember a microchip is not a GPS tracking device. Pets must be scanned when found for the identification information to be read.

Veterinary Services in Cropwell, AL

Veterinarian in our Pet Pharmacy

Pet Pharmacy

For your convenience, we have a fully-stocked in-house pet pharmacy that enables us to dispense your pet’s needed medication at the time of their visit. This makes it possible for your pet to receive treatment immediately.

Can’t get by the animal hospital? Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to ship any medication we have prescribed right to your door. You can also visit our online store by clicking here.

We do respect your right as a consumer to purchase your medications at the pharmacy of your choice. A written prescription will be provided upon request as long as there is a valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship:

We strive very hard to price all of our medications fairly and to provide you with the best value. Internet and “big box” stores may claim to have lower prices, but often times after rebates and free products that accompany purchases made through Pell City Animal Hospital, an internet or chain store purchase is more expensive.  And another detail they often leave out; all their prescription veterinary medications are obtained from secondary sources. That means the manufacturer cannot stand behind these products since they are essentially “bootlegged”. All our flea and tick and heartworm products and many others are fully guaranteed both by us and the manufacturer. That’s peace of mind. That’s value.